About GVH#5

The GVH #5 Concept

The dreams of entrepreneurs are the dreams of Osaka.
Together, we can create new businesses that will change the world.

Hankyu Corporation is offering its support to entrepreneurs and start-ups that can create new industries and energize the Kansai area. Focusing our efforts in Umeda, in the heart of the global business hub of Osaka, we aim to make Kansai more competitive on the world stage.

Hankyu is collaborating with SunBridge Global Ventures Inc., a company with extensive knowhow in supporting start-ups. We give start-ups the opportunity to meet mentors and supporters who can help them grow their businesses. We also provide an environment where start-ups can forge communities that offer support and inspiration in the quest to expand business.

GVH #5 is located in Umeda, Osaka. This area has long flourished as Japan’s commercial and distribution hub, while also being famed for its hearty cuisine. The city has produced many outstanding entrepreneurs whose innovative ideas have gone on to impact the world.
Throughout its history, Umeda has served as a crossroads for Japan and the rest of the world—a place where people, goods, knowledge, and culture mingle together. From here, fearless entrepreneurs have taken on new challenges and played a vital role in promoting economic prosperity.

Osaka has a warm, optimistic, free-spirited atmosphere. The city and its locals like nothing more than to see people with unique, original ideas come together and turn their visions into new value and new opportunities.

We support innovative start-ups that are run with a sense of passion.
When people come together and share their ideas, new value is created.

Osaka’s entrepreneurial spirit and out-of-the-box thinking has been passed down through generations. Here, we aren’t afraid of risk or ridicule; what we care about is being true to ourselves. This attitude is a vital driving force when it comes to creating the next generation of industry.

Osaka is a city that has always seized opportunity while cultivating a unique economy and culture that stand out from the rest of Japan.

Our dream at GVH #5 is to reach out to the world through business. Together with Kansai-based start-ups, we want to sow the seeds of business and reap a prosperous future.

4 Services to Support Start-Ups

GVH #5’s multifaceted approach is a catalyst for start-ups.

GVH #5 places a priority on the creation of new value born from exchanges among start-ups and their supporters. We seek to create an environment conducive to serendipitous encounters, by providing the four services outlined below.

A global network that seamlessly connects Osaka to the world

Swiftly dispersing seeds of business from Osaka to the world.
Harnessing our strengths to achieve breakthroughs in new services.

GVH #5 is operated by Hankyu Corporation, while GVH Osaka is run by SunBridge Global Ventures. The fact that both GVH entities are based in Umeda means they can collaborate readily and fruitfully. The combined expertise of Hankyu and SunBridge provides valuable support to start-ups. We nurture an environment that promotes business growth and networking, so start-ups can accelerate their business development and expedite their entry into overseas markets.


Since its founding in 1907, Hankyu has operated railways and provided various other services to the Kyoto-Osaka-Kobe area.

Hankyu is now taking advantage of its knowhow and Kansai-based business networks to build a system to support start-ups launched from Osaka.

GVH Osaka

unBridge Global Ventures has a proven track record in helping start-ups launch and grow their businesses. The company has extensive expertise and a powerful network that includes overseas counterparts in Silicon Valley.GVH Osaka is playing a central role by providing entrepreneurial development programs and by assisting start-ups in entering overseas markets.

Support from experts in various fields

Professionals in various fields provide start-ups with the necessary tools and knowledge.

For a fledgling company to break out requires connections with business partners in a variety of areas, including business administration, funding, market development, and R&D. GVH #5 mentors and supporters share their expert knowledge and business experience with affiliated start-ups, thereby helping them step up to the next level.

Networking that enables the seeds of business to grow

Information sharing and encounters lead to groundbreaking changes and business growth.

We hold and sponsor events such as business plan contests, seminars, and matchmaking meet-ups. For a new start-up to flourish, it requires outside resources such as personnel, funds, and business partners.

We provide the opportunity for start-ups to disperse information and interact with potential partners. We also provide start-up members with information on events such as business plan contests and help them enter such events.

Community hubs that help people meet and exchange ideas

Open office spaces encourage free communication.

GVH #5 is conveniently located in Umeda, the largest transport hub in western Japan. It’s a two-minute walk from Hankyu Umeda Station, making it a great place for chance encounters and new connections.

Members of GVH #5 make a point of engaging actively with one another, no more so than at frequent meetings where they share their knowledge, experience, and technical information. Such varied and unfettered interactions serve to accelerate the networking process. Meeting new contacts opens the door to business development, potential new business partners, and useful insights from different perspectives.

GVH #5 History

Our aim is to bring forth entrepreneurs who can change the world.
The foundation has been laid for building a “start-up ecosystem” in Umeda, Osaka.

A meeting of minds between Hankyu Corporation and the SunBridge Group (which has a background in support for corporate development) is what spurred activities aimed at supporting start-ups in Umeda. Since 2010, when we launched these activities, we have made steady progress; the dreams of Kansai-based entrepreneurs are gradually turning into reality.


GVH Osaka launched
GVH Osaka, the parent organization of GVH #5, kicked off at a Christmas party held in the Shin-Hankyu Building* in December 2010.(*Under reconstruction as of February 2016.)
Efforts launched to build a full-fledged “start-up ecosystem”手
Agreeing with SunBridge Group CEO Allen Miner’s views on start-up support, Hankyu launched efforts to build a full-fledged start-up ecosystem in Osaka. To this end, we aligned with the Urban Innovation Institute (whose mission is to stimulate Osaka industry), while cooperating with the SunBridge Group.


GVH Osaka members active in various fields
When it launched, GVH Osaka had no members. It has since grown steadily to become a vital base for Kansai start-ups—a place where entrepreneurs and supporters freely gather. The success of our many members has drawn widespread notice.
GVH #5 launched
In November 2014, four years after the launch of GVH Osaka, Hankyu and SunBridge established GVH #5. Based on our experience with GVH Osaka, our aim was to catalyze the support available to start-ups in Kansai.