Team GVH#5

Chikara Takagishi

Senior General Manager

After joining Hankyu Corporation, I was engaged in the management of a number of large scale urban development projects for more than 10 years.
In 2010, I participated in the opening of the business incubator, GVH Osaka, to support entrepreneurs and startups in Osaka and was engaged in the operation of it.
In 2014, I participated in setting up a startups support program in Hankyu Corporation and became the person in charge of it.
In 2015, I participated in the establishment of Umeda Start-up Fund, a venture fund, invested by Hankyu Corporation.

Masaaki Yoshikawa


Founder & President, Human Hub Japan Corp.
Former Director General for Innovation, Economic Strategy Bureau, Osaka City Government
Mr. Yoshikawa was appointed the head of Osaka Innovation Hub, Osaka city’s networking platform for innovation, and was engaged in administering innovation for the city. Before this, he had developed and managed new businesses as a company intrapreneur and has made a lot of alliances with many companies and research institutes, including startups overseas. He has experience planning and operating cross-organizational projects to benefit all stakeholders in their industries.
Based on his past experience, when people see their companies changing rapidly along with the market, they are likely to think of themselves as contributors to their town or industry. While working for the Osaka city government, he promoted “Hack Osaka,” a campaign to make the entire city into a workplace where all players can work together to co-create. This is beyond position, title, organization, and nationality.
He was elected one of Forbes Japan’s 88 local innovators in 2017.

Yoshinori Inoue

Megumi Yamazaki

Chikako Tsuda

Kengo Nikawa

Akihito Matsuoka