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We’re hosting a Food Tech Pitch event with Swissnex!!

“Osaka Landing Pad x Swissnex in Japan Food Tech Pitch with OSAKA FOOD LAB”

“Osaka Landing Pad”, a comprehensive support platform for overseas startups expanding into Osaka, and “Swissnex“, the Swiss global network connecting Switzerland and the world in education, research and innovation, are excited to announce the holding of a joint food tech pitch event.

The event will include a presentation about the Swiss startup ecosystem, food tech information, and pitches by 6 of Swissnex’s carefully selected food tech startups!

All startups will also be considered for collaboration projects with the food experiment site ” OSAKA FOOD LAB ” (Umeda / Nakatsu).

Don’t miss the revolutionary Swiss food tech startups at this event!

Thursday, June 23, 2022 16: 00-17: 30 Online (Zoom)
Sponsored by: Hankyu Hanshin Properties Corp. (GVH # 5)
Co-sponsored by: Swissnex in Japan
Contents: Swiss Startup Ecosystem and Food Tech Information, pitches by Swissnex selected tech startups (6 companies), etc.

Click here to apply!  (Event flyer here)

【Presenting Startups
 Mikafi  (Your own freshly roasted coffee with a next generation digital user experience. The next generation of Swiss AI powered coffee roasting directly at your counter. )
 Embion  (Give a second life to industrial food waste by recycling them and converting them into highly valuable food supplements. )
 Agrosustain  (No more plastic waste and pollution for fresh fruits packaging. Completely safe and biodegradable protection ensuring optimal freshness for fresh fruits.)
 Arakaïya  (State of the art research in gut bacteria applied to your daily life. Drastically increase your health and well-being through carefully selected micro-organism for your intestinal flora. )
 BRU  (Swiss Designed Tea Brewing Systems)
 Flyability  (Drones bringing solutions to the challenges faced in 21st century farming)


For inquiries to GVH#5, or sign-up requests, please contact us via this form.