GVH#5 Membership

Membership Conditions

GVH #5’s mission is to create next-generation industries in Kansai and to stimulate the Osaka-Umeda area. To become a GVH #5 member, corporations, groups, and individuals must satisfy certain criteria and undergo a review of their business model and business domain.

1Business model

A business model that leads to the creation of next-generation industry in Kansai.

Candidates should be growth-oriented start-ups aiming to develop totally new business models or products/services. The businesses should be driven by cutting-edge IT and other technologies, or they should be using a completely novel approach. (Please note that small-scale stability-oriented business models do not fit these criteria, and nor do new businesses based on existing business models.)

2Business domain

The business domain should be in line with an area in which Hankyu Corporation operates—for example, urban transportation, retail, urban development, entertainment and communication, or lifestyle services.

Note: If the candidate can receive assistance or guidance from a GVH #5 registration referral body or from a GVH #5 supporter, it may be deemed eligible for membership even if its business domain does not match those in the list above.

Facilities Available for Use

There are two types of GVH #5 start-up membership, both of which involve a monthly fee. The facilities available for use differ depending on the membership type.


Open desks for 24 people+α
Seminar room
This can be used as a 60-person room for seminars and events. When no events are being held, the space can be used as a lounge for meetings or rest breaks.
Conference room
Four private, each with capacity for 4–6 people.
Other resources
Reception desk, lockers, MFP (copy/print/scan), refrigerator, microwave oven, etc.

Details of the facilities

the hive

Booths 2-to-12-person capacity
Conference room on each floor
Other resources on each floor
Rest space, MFP (copy/print/scan), refrigerator, microwave oven, etc.
Also available
Shared Sta. G5 space (listed to the left)

Details of the facilities

How to Become a Member

GVH #5 membership requires a referral from a GVH #5 registration referral body.
After being referred, candidates are interviewed and have their application documents screened by GVH #5. If all is in order, they are then granted membership. If you do not have a connection to a GVH #5 registration referral body, please use the inquiry form to contact us.

Takes about 4 weeks

  1. 1
    Referral from referral body
  2. 2
    First review
    (tour and interview)
  3. 3
    Second review
    (screening of application documents, interview)
  4. 4
    Notice of acceptance as member
  5. 5
    Conclusion of contract
  6. 6
    Start using facilities
Preliminary procedures (for candidates with no connections to referral bodies)
  1. Use inquiry form to request membership
  2. Preliminary interview
  3. Introduction to referral body

Note: Candidates who wish to apply for membership but have no connections to a GVH #5 registration referral body will be interviewed by GVH #5 and introduced to a suitable referral body as needed. For details on GVH #5 registration referral bodies, see here.

GVH #5 Registration Referral Bodies

A GVH #5 registration referral body is an organization with specialized knowledge and experience in supporting start-ups.

Details of referral bodies