GVH#5 has a multi-faceted support system with specialists in various fields, dedicated staff, and an available community.

GVH#5 is home to a group of specialist startup supporters, which include accounting, tax, and legal expert groups; as well as a group of companies with business know-how built on their first-hand experience. Because these supporters are based in the building, our members can receive ongoing support, and not just a general connection. In addition, Team GVH#5, which manages the facility, takes part in a variety of activities to help build a startup ecosystem in the Kansai area. We have dedicated staff at the facility, who not only connect startups with supporters, but also help introduce connections through external networks as needed. Access to GVH#5 gives you all the resources you need for your startup, from our startup community to our expert support and external networks.

GVH#5 Supporters

Our supporters in accounting, tax, and legal expert groups; as well as a group of companies with business know-how in both soft- and hardware industries share their knowledge and experience to accelerate startup growth. Since these supporters have an office in GVH#5, they can offer ongoing support.

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Taxes, Management, Strategy, IT, Patents, etc.

Startup Members (GVH#5 Members)

Though still in the making, our Osaka-based GVH#5 startup members have great potential for growth. They have inexhaustable passion and their creativity shines in their ideas. For more information, please see the startup members page. *A review is required to be registered as a GVH#5 member.

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Team GVH#5

Team GVH#5 performs a variety of activities to help build Kansai’s startup ecosystem.
A permanent specialist staff member is also posted to the building, to help faciliate connections not only with startup supporters, but to make introductions through our external network as well. This network is a unique feature offered by Team GVH#5 to support our startups.

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Pitch Events

We host pitch events for startups


Meetups to Expand the Community

We regularly hold meet-up events to expand the startup community (TGIF parties are held about once a month)


Small-Scale Seminars & Study Groups

We host study groups and small-scale seminars according to requests from our startup members


Support for a Variety of Events

We host business contests, seminars, meet-ups, and other various kinds of events


For inquiries to GVH#5, or sign-up requests, please contact us via this form.