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Advance your business to the next stage at GVH#5

GVH#5 is looking for start-up companies that want a base in Osaka to expand their business, whether in Japan or overseas. More than just an office, GVH#5 offers an environment that combines the support of experts, connections with the local community, and global networks to foster the growth of companies.

Membership Requirements

GVH#5’s mission is to generate next-generation industries and to invigorate the Umeda, Osaka area in which it is located. For this reason, membership will depend on a review of the business models and business arenas of companies, groups, and individuals who apply, according to the following criteria.

Membership Requirement (1)

Business Model

A business model that will create next-generation industries from the Kansai area. The business operates with a growth-oriented startup model, aiming to develop new business models and products (or services) using IT and cutting-edge technology, or other groundbreaking approaches. (New businesses using pre-existing business models, or the stability-oriented business models of small- to medium-sized companies are excluded.)

Membership Requirement (2)

Business Field

The business field must be highly compatible with those of Hankyu Corporation such as urban transportation, retail, urban development, entertainment/communication, and lifestyle services, etc.

Membership Requirement (3)

An Introduction from Our Registered Referral Organizations

To become a GVH#5 member, we request that a letter of recommendation be submitted from a GVH#5 registered referral organization.
(Even without a referral, you can proceed to the document screening step by submitting an application online.)

The Sign-Up Process

Membership entry to GVH#5 is determined following referral from our registered referral organizations, document screening, and an interview.
*We request that letters of recommendation be submitted to us by the recommending organization.
*Even without a referral, potential members can proceed straight to document screening by applying for membership online.

Process if you apply to join via referral from one of our registered referral organizations

  • *1 We request that our registered referral organizations submit a "referrel letter*" to us.
    (We have provided our referral organizations with a example letter, but ask that referral organizations contact us with any questions.)
  • *2 Online applications should be submitted by the party applying for membership. When doing so, please fill-out our application format in Word.

Process if you don’t have a referral from one of our registered organizations

  • *1 Online applications should be submitted by the party applying for membership. When doing so, please fill-out our application format in Word.

Facilities Available for Use

GVH#5 offers two styles of office space, a coworking space and private offices.

Coworking Space

There is a coworking space with unassigned seating on the 2nd floor, with wireless LAN available across the entire floorspace.

Private Offices

Private offices (for use by 2-12 people) are available on the 10th, and 11th floors. Offices feature desks, chairs, and cabinets, and are equipped with wireless LAN network connections. Members can begin work here from the day they sign up.

GVH#5 Startup Members

GVH#5’s community made up of promising startup companies that have been admitted after screening.


For inquiries to GVH#5, or sign-up requests, please contact us via this form.