About Membership / Cancellation

How do I sign up for membership?

After passing the preliminary screening, new members can proceed to move-in procedures. See Join us for more information.

Does membership expire?

We have set an expiration period of 3 years after moving in to the facilities because we aim to provide a place to temporarily do business until a company can establish its own independent place of business. We also have members meet with GVH#5’s manager at least once every six months to ask about facility usage and business progress.

Are there age requirements?

We don’t have any particular age requirements. Our facilities are available to those who are in the process of preparing to open their business or those who have already started a business.

How long is the period of a membership contract?

Co-working space contracts are automatically renewed every 3 months, and private office contracts are renewed every 6 months. (You may cancel within your contracted period if you contact us one month in advance.)

About Fees

How do fees work for each space?

The basic fee for the coworking space is 18,000 yen/month for a seat. Please inquire for private office fees.
The basic fee includes the following: [Use of the address (registration allowed, includes a mailbox), free use of each facility (meeting rooms, seminar room, etc.) for a set period of time, lockers, etc.]

Is there an additional fee required when I sign up for membership?

An additional half of the monthly usage fee is required at the time of sign-up as an administrative fee.

Are any other fees required?

Printing fees (6 yen for black and white, 25 yen for color printing), extension fees when users go over free time limits for use of the facilities, additional fees for locker usage, etc.

What payment methods are available?

We accept credit cards and bank transfer payments.

About the Facilities

Are viewings (inside the facilities) permitted?

Yes, viewings are allowed. We’ll be able to show you around smoothly if you inquire in advance.

Is single day usage (drop-ins) allowed?

We don’t offer this kind of usage. (The facility is open only to those with monthly memberships who have been screened in advance)

Is there a limit to how many people can use the coworking space?

This will depend on overall usage at the time, but we generally ask that you use the space with up to around three people.

Is the space available for use 24 hours a day? What days does it close?

Staff are stationed in the building on weekdays from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., but members can use their IC card to use the facilities 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Is there a space for phone or online meetings?

Co-working space members may use the phone booths (reservations required).

Can non-members (i.e. member's clients) enter? Is there a limit to the number of visitors one can host?

If a visitor enters with a registered member, he or she can use the meeting and seminar rooms. There is no particular limit to the number of visitors one can host, as long as the number of users stays within the maximum number of users allowed at each facility.

Is there a concierge service (to attend to visitors when they arrive, hold luggage, etc.)?

We don’t offer such a service. We ask that members attend to their visitors and luggage.

About Startup Support

What kinds of support are offered?

Our resident staff will communicate with members daily basis and we will conduct regular interviews, based on which we will connect members with people in various fields, both inside and outside GVH#5, as needed. We have also created an environment in which members can receive immediate support from those supporters who have offices within GVH#5. In addition, we provide information to our members about startup-related events and programs, networking events, etc. See Support for more information.


For inquiries to GVH#5, or sign-up requests, please contact us via this form.